Gumption: spirited initiative and resourcefulness. This is what my new sister in law, Jessica Haucke, brings to a farm project. As a wedding gift, she has offered to help us finish one of the many construction projects suspended “mid-rebuild” around the farm. We’ve chosen the chicken coop, which hasn’t been touched since Sandi and the interns helped rip the shingles off in July. However, with Jessica’s help, I have no doubt it will be finished by the end of the weekend, a shining renovation of its former self. Believe me, Jess doesn’t let Rufus cut any corners either. He tried to tack up an old warped piece of wood and before he had his finger on the trigger of the drill, a stern, “NO RUFUS!”. A fellow Capricorn who shares my sentiment for perfection AND gumption, what a gift, indeed. 



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