Dear Farm Journal,

Today my phone read -27 degrees (without the wind chill) when I ventured out on a 45 minute hike around the farm. I bundled up and headed out with my super enthusiastic companion Gizmo, who follows me everywhere. The wind chill was inflicting some pain on my face walking down the driveway, but once I got out of the wind and into the sun, and my muscles started to warm up under all my layers, it was not too bad. It felt good to get outside in the sunshine and move my sedentary winter body. Compared the the rigor of summer, my body is in a coma right now. I hiked down to the hunting cabin for a bit of exhilaration…and…well, to be honest, we had a bottle of wine in the house and no corkscrew. I knew, definitively, that there was a corkscrew in the cabin, and, in the dead of winter, when vehicles will not start, and regular trips to town can not be made, and the alcohol supply is alarmingly low, you do what you have to do.




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