February 23rd, 2019

Boy time sure does fly!  We are already closing in on the end of February, mere days away from our first greenhouse planting.  Joy and I have been working diligently throughout the winter to prep for this new season.  With each season, comes renewed energy and a renewed passion to do better than the last year.  For us, 2019 is about a deeper openness and connection with our community.  Throughout these cold dark days, we have sat in front of the computer with bleary eyes, putting together our new website, which will be a vast improvement over our last site.  It will be much more active as well, with almost daily posts to our “Dear Farm Journal” blog or Newsletters.  We will also be posting short video clips to help paint a picture of Keewaydin Farms, your CSA farm! 

Not only is time flying, but in the last few weeks, the snowflakes have been flying as well.  Today we sit in the office rebuking the need or perhaps even desire to venture outside.  It’s nasty out, windy, snow whipped, and blindingly bright. So inside we shall stay.  Honestly, I enjoy days like this. I like the slower pace of these days. I pour an extra cup of coffee and lounge in the office with Joy in the desk next to me and Gizmo sprawled out on his little pad.  The usual anxiousness I feel to get outdoors fades away as I realize there is no need.  There is no need to struggle through an outdoor project. There is no need to freeze off a finger or two.  There are plenty of indoor projects which routinely get kicked down the road, waiting for just such a day…because kicking indoor projects down the road is what I do.  For instance, today we have been working on alphabetizing our customer list.  For some reason, in the distant past of my business career, I thought it would be a good idea to enter customers onto said list ,first name first instead of the most obviously correct way which would be last name first.  Why?  I don’t know!  I did it years ago and never changed it. Oh I did start entering in names the right way the next year but never went back and corrected this organizational nightmare.  Until of course, the Queen or Organization, Joy Nicole Miller came along.  With mostly kindness and not more than a handful of sideways glances she has gone about fixing this mess.  We make baby steps toward a smoother operation. This is who we are, work smarter not harder….I need to get outside!

~Farmer Rufus