It seems as though there was a bit of a mix up with the seeding. Rufus went “seed catalog wild” ordering all different kinds of culinary herbs this spring (many of them new to me) and when it came time to transplant, not every tag was still legible, so there was a bit of guesswork involved. The herbs were crudely categorized together and planted in the edge beds of the greenhouses and we would “figure it out later”. One particular “herb” was an unidentified curiosity until it recently flowered and we looked it up. Not a culinary herb at all, but nicotiana sylvestris, also known as “night scented tobacco” or “woodland tobacco”. It’s not edible or smokable from what I understand, but a cultivar for ornamental and olfactory pleasure. Huh! Well they sure smell wonderful (a bit like jasmine) and will make a delightful centerpiece for the End of Summer Cornucopia Dinner this Saturday.
Also, the calendula went ahead and reseeded itself, super densely, so if all goes well, we’ll have a flush of fall calendula. I love flower surprises!