I had to do a double take after shucking back the husk. These kernels are brilliant! The color, the design, the symmetry of the artistry! I drew the ear closer to my eyes to gaze into the kaleidoscope. Honestly, I’ve never set eyes on a cob so intently. Mother Nature, you go Girl! We’re growing these indigenous heirloom varieties of milling corn for a tortilla demonstration during the Day of the Dead celebration we’re hosting on October 16th. The event is a collaboration between Driftless Curiosity, McIntosh Memorial Library, and the Folk Art Collective, headed up by our board member Gabriela Marvan. It’s a free event open to the public focused on education, culture, and celebration. We’ve got more beautiful plans in the works, but you’re not going to want to miss these beauties. Seriously though 🙂