Author Shanna Rodriguez wrote, “The great thing about new friends is that they bring new energy to your soul.” I felt a profound sense of the essence within these words as I gathered with the women who will lead The Sister Sciences Retreat: Ayurveda & Yoga on the Land this Saturday. Each one brings her wisdom, perspective, skills, and special touch. With each conversation, we weave together a tapestry of ideas for the event, which is coming to life as we speak. People are signing up and preparations are being made. At the end of the practice run, Julie and I harvested prickly ash berries and made a tincture (the berries can also be used as a culinary spice). Tinctures can be made from the bark or berries and can be used to treat pain, inflammation, digestive conditions, toothaches, and bacterial and fungal infections. This sisterhood, this land, these plants, bring a bright new energy to my soul.