One of the reasons I farm and operate a land-based learning nonprofit is to be outside and connect with nature. But now I do all of these other verbs: writing, “nonprofitting”, hosting, event planning, and increasingly more indoor “computering”. I’ve basically worked myself into a desk job, a position I was happy to leave behind when I became a farmer. I’m telling myself this is temporary, a necessary element of the start up phase, but I’m also starting to look out the window a lot. So I was very grateful when my new friend, Amy Olson, visited to walk the land and talk about the upcoming retreat. She was the breath of fresh air I needed. We connected, not on Facebook, but in real life! We hiked, we soaked up a few raindrops, and it was a blissful rejuvenation, helping me to realize (again), I have to put in some screen time to bring people to this moment, their own moment of connection and renewal on the land.