June 19th, 2012

Roots are what anchors plants in the ground.  They provide nourishment for that part of the plant we see and they hold the earth together.  When I think about my farm I love to think about the roots I have set down on this land.  There is a deep sense of connection I get then thinking about this place that I have spent so many years of my life at.  When I was younger I would look across the ridge and dream about what might be over that ridge.  In my late teens early twenties I explored some of those places, finding beauty and friendship but not roots.  It wasn’t until my mid-twenties when those roots started to take hold, grabbing at me every time I came back for a short visit until one of those visits changed my thoughts from maybe I should stay to I’m staying.  It wasn’t quite that immediate but the wheels where turning, plans began taking shape and like all good dreams (at least for me) it began with something sweet.  In February of 2004 about a week before maple syrup season started I arrived back home so beginning my second life on my farm.  I am no longer the kid growing up on the farm, responsible for the chores my parents have laid out for me to take care now Im the adult laying out the chores list for my children or employees.  There has been many changes on my farm, trees have grown taller, buildings have gone up or been taken down, gardens have been moved and still many things stay the same, the games the children play, the view, the peace and quiet.  I hope some of you get a chance to experience what it’s like to have roots, that deep sense of place and connection.  The chance to stay in one spot and watch as time and place evolve around you.  It is through this connection that we develop our culture, our family our community.

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