Living With the Spooks

March 30th, 2017

I believe in a world of infinite possibilities and unlimited dimensions. When it comes to ghosts, goblins and strange phenomenon who am I to say these things don’t exist. Admittedly in my life time I haven’t had any encounters of the strange kind, I can not claim to have seen a apparition and yet our farms history is rife with stories of the ghostly kind. As a kid I would listening with arrested attention to the many stories my father, mother or visiting extended family would tell about their ghoulie interactions. The two favorite characters where Grandma Drake and Marsha the horse. The Drake family was the original homesteaders of this farm and old Grandma Drake was the last remaining member of the family when she died at a ripe old age, in the kitchen no less. As far as ghost go she was a good one, she was a protector, though I’m not sure how much help came from thinking those thoughts on the rare occasion when I was home alone. Old houses creak and grown, they take on a life of their own. As an adult I feel the spirit of past lives weaved into the very foundation of this home and so in a sense the ghosts of our passed do still roam the halls for it was with their hands by which our house stands.

Marsha the horse was an unfortunate casualty of an arrant lightning strike (so we where told) back in the farthest pasture from the house. Of course as a young child these stories shaped both my view of our house and of the way out there pasture, especially during the night. Inevitably during my adolescent years when this was a dairy farm I would find it my duty on a dark and stormy night to head down into the valley and find the one cow who didn’t come to the barn for the evening milking. Nine times out of ten she would be back in the haunted pasture, hiding in the shrubs, often with a baby calf, talk about perfecting the art of speed walking. Imagine being ten years old standing on the peak of a ridge, head filled with ghost stories, behind you the warm electric glow of civilization, below and in front, a deep dark valley occasionally lit by jagged bolts of lighting. I believe they call that building character!


The Farmhouse 1953

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