Happy Spring!

March 21st, 2017

Ahhh, Spring! At times it feels like this season will never be here, then all of a sudden one day you walk out the door and notice the new chorus of bird voices, you smell the distinct fragrance of an awakening earth, and there is a tinge of green in an otherwise gray/brown lawn. Then there is the noticeable difference in the strength of the sun, the warmth which soaks into your garments and warms our sensitive winter skin. I love Spring! All the planning and dreaming we do in the winter is finally put in motion, step into a greenhouse and warm rays turn into steamy heat. Our hands are finally in the dirt again and little green seedlings begin sprouting though potting soil on their way to developing into those delicious ingredients which will round out another healthy meal. This year I was able to plant in ground in my hoop house the earliest I have ever planted, February 6th. It’s my second year of planting in ground in a hoop house and I still have so much to learn. Admittedly it’s a bit nerve racking to think about those little seeds surviving some of these nights when the temperature is still dipping into the single digits. How can these plants even survive? This is often the question I have floating through my head as I make my way over to the hoop house on a frozen morning. But then I walk inside and am struck by the difference, yes it is still cold but the warmth is accumulating quickly and in the absence of a bitter cold wind the ground is unfrozen. Now days when I pop in it reminds me of late spring, warm, boarding on hot, especially if it’s sunny. The colorful salad mix, carrots, radish, spinach, asain greens are putting on rapid growth.

I hope you get a chance to celebrate this change of the season. As a gardener we live in these changes. As food lovers at the very least you get to go on this journey with me though my writing and through the bounty you see coming in your CSA share. Happy Spring to all of you, let us breath that fresh earthy air and take a moment to listen to the songs of Spring.



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