What’s In Your Box Week 17 2013

January 27th, 2014
-1 bag of mixed beans (green, purple, yellow) 1 lb
– 1 bunch of carrots 1/4 lb
– 1 quart of mini lunch box peppers (super sweet)
-1 to 2 melons 1 lb
-1 green cabbage 1 lb
-1 bag of salad mix 1/4 lb
-8-10 heirloom tomatoes

CSA pick up etiquette 101

May 24th, 2011

The nature of the CSA, what does it stand for?  Community Supported Agriculture and when you reverse it you have an Agricultural Supported Community.  This means a closer connection between you and your food and the farmers who work to produce it.  It means having a face to put behind your meal, and remembering food comes from soil and toil not the grocery store, via who knows where.  Being in a CSA means eating locally with the seasons and at the whims of Mother Nature.  We tickle her with our hoe  and she laughs with a harvest.

In the beginning expect the boxes to be easy to carry containing mostly scrumptious salad fixings of spring and early summer.  By August and September  the boxes will be full and varied.

The farm is 1 1/2 hours from Madison so we rely on you to make the pickups go smoothly.  Write your pickup days on your calendar.  Find the box with your last name (or the name of the Primary Household with whom you are sharing) marked on the box label.  If a check off sheet is provided at your pick-up site check of the appropriate name.  Leave last weeks box neatly folded for your site host, to be picked up by our driver.  IF YOU DO NOT FIND YOUR BOX DO NOT TAKE SOMEONE ELSE”S, contact your site host and the farm immediately.

You may bring your own bags and transfer your produce and leave the waxed box, carefully and neatly flattened.  Or you may take the box with you, carefully flatten and store to be returned at your next pick up.  We thank you in advance for taking care of these reusable boxes.

If you are unable to pick up your share you must make alternate arrangements ahead of time.  You can instruct someone to pick up your box for you, you can ask the farm by Monday not to make a box for you that week, or you can ask your site host to hold your box for a later pick up.  If you are In altri casino invece come IziCasino e possibile verificare il playthrough raggiunto per un determinato bonus accedendo ad un qualsiasi gioco. a no call, no show your box will be donated to an appreciative family at the end of the pick up window!

Please make sure that anyone you send in your place to pick up your box knows these instructions.  Thank your site host for sharing their space.  We could not be doing this without them!

Remember to check our website a couple of times a week.   Rather than the traditional newsletter we will be posting on our blog news, recipes, pictures and veggie storing tips.  Please feel free to post comments.  We would love if you sent us your favorite recipes to share with other members! You can also find us on Facebook!

Two really good Cookbooks for CSA are From Asparagus to Zucchini produced by MACSAC can be found at their website www.macsac.org.  Also Tastes from Valley to Bluff, The Featherstone Farm Cookbook. www.featherstonefarm.com

We will have a farm party this summer!  An invitation will be posted on our website when we confirm the date.  If you are in the Kickapoo Valley area and would like to arrange a farm visit please give us a call. We have had a great Spring so far here on the farm.  We have a lot of plants and seeds in the ground and are expecting a phenomenal growing season!

If you have questions or concerns please don”t hesitate to contact me immediately!

Star 608-606-0373 or csa@keewaydinfarms.com


2011 CSA pick up dates

May 23rd, 2011

We work hard to bring you your CSA share.  Your job is to remember to pick up your box of veggies.  Please mark your pick up days on your calendar!

All Standard and Double Shares begin June 1st and will run every Wednesday until the last pickup on October 12th.

Every Other Week ,  June 1st:  for Oregon, Commonwealth, Bloom Bake Shop, and Whole Foods

June-  1st, 15th, 29th

July- 13th, 27th

August- 10th, 24th

September- 7th, 21st

October- 5th

Every Other Week,  June 8th: for John Deere, Waunakee, Lowell, LaFarge, Viroqua, and Richland Center

June- 8th, 22nd

July- 6th, 20th

August- 3rd, 17th, 31st

September- 14th, 28th

October- 12th


Vegetable Availability

March 11th, 2011

This is a general guideline for the vegetables we grow the most of.  There may be other surprises in your box that are not listed!

Crops Early Midseason Late
Beans, Green
Peas, Snap
Peas, Snow
Salad Mix
Sweet Potatoes
Swiss Chard
Winter Squash
Herbs include basil, cilantro, dill, thyme and oregano.