Greenhouses and Imbolc

March 2nd, 2015


I open the door leading from porch to the outside and am immediately blasted by an air so cold it takes your breath away. During the overnight hours the snow has become crisp and squeaky/crunchy under my tread as I walk towards the feed room. It’s as cold now as it has been at any time this winter and yet the sun is shining and there is but a whisper of breeze. In all my bundles, a stomach warm with coffee I begin my daily ritual of feeding and watering hungry animals. It isn’t long before the work warms me under my many layers and the mind acclimates to the outside. Although the cold clings to everything, reminding us we aren’t out of the woods yet I can feel the strength of the sun re-turning, I find a sheltered spot on the south side of our barn and bath in the warm rays. What a lovely blue sky, lite winter blue, crisp, clear, white on the horizon, then baby blue, then almost navy at zenith.

This is the time of year Pagans would celebrate Imbolc, the first stirrings of spring and indeed if you look close enough you will see. Buds on trees have an ever so very slight bulge, our cardinal friends are singing a song that seems to ring with the harmonics of spring. In a day or two I will visit my maple patch and begin un-packing the supplies, and of course work has begun in the greenhouse. Work be-gins with a good spring cleaning, yesterday I cleared off old plant debris, then set about marking out my beds to start our first in ground plantings, carrots, radish, salad mix. Today I tackle organizing of the seed trays. We use our trays to start transplants like tomatoes, eggplant, head lettuce, pars-ley, chard, kale that will end up in our fields around the beginning of May.

With the feeding chores complete I refill my coffee mug and amble over to the greenhouse, time to get to work. I open the door and walk into the future. The temperature outside is just above 0 degrees but inside this little sanctuary it’s already 50 and climbing fast. If the sun keeps shining we will reach 70 or 80 soon enough. Time to layer down and join the early Spring, man I love this work!