February 3rd, 2015

It is January, the depth of winter.  Our days our cold and gray, often punctuated with a dusting of snow.  This is the month for dreaming, for reading , for catching up on sleep.  It is also the month for planning.  I pine away my days huddled in my cozy little office with a view of the outside world going over seed catalogs, filing 2014 papers, organizing and catching up on all the things we skip over when the season is in full swing.  This year I have spent more time honing the art of meal prep.  It has taken me years of bumbling around in the kitchen, full of raw energy and desire but not much else.  This year has been different.  I am beginning to feel a comfort that has been lacking.  A familiarity with ingredient and technique.  Like gardening I have a lifetime of learning ahead of me and yet I have had those moments when I’ve put together a meal that is both appealing to the eye and to the mouth.

This art of cookery brings me back to gardening and gardening back to kitchen.  While preparing meals I dream of these ingredients  collected at peak ripeness, of walking the garden picking items that soon will join our feast.  The real trick is finding the time to both grow and eat these culinary delights.  It is my hope I will find this possible with the addition of online casino our hoop houses that I continue to work on when weather allows.

This January I finally took a winter vacation.  It had always been my goal or plan to hit the open road in January to places unknown but like the kitchen I always seemed to find other things that kept me away.  Not this year, for two weeks this month I escaped to beautiful Montana, joining my good friend from the Colorado days for a wonderful time skiing and soaking in hot springs.  I took my daughters with me the first week and was able to share with them my love of skiing and the mountains.  What a strange feeling to be both excited that your child is learning and seeming to enjoy something that has played such a big part of my life (skiing) and down right fearful they are going to run directly into a tree and get hurt.  Emotions moves from weeee to wooo and back again with surprising speed.


I’ve Become a Birder

February 3rd, 2015

Sometime over the last year I have taken up the hobby of birding.  It seems like a coming of age pastime.  At some point in all of our lives we begin to take interest in these winged creatures that fill our day with song and color.  My sister began a few years before me, when visiting her and her husband we would sit at their little breakfast table and watch the birds gathering, jostling around the feeder positioned under the closest pine tree.  I was always amazed, perhaps even a little jealous how knowledgeable she is about her birds.  Then several years back while visiting an Amish farmer I work with I was entertained as I sipped coffee at their kitchen table by the frequent winged visitors at a feeder they had constructed so that it sat right at the window.  This was the inspiration I needed to come up with a similar feeder that now graces my kitchen window.  What joy to sit eating breakfast joined by Juncos, Chickadees, Cardinals, nuthatch, Sparrows and  other more rare winter visitors.  So far my favorite bird sighting though has to be the Ruby Crowned Kinglet.  I’m not sure why this little fellow holds place as my favorite, the way it flitters about, its tiny stature, cute little ruby crown visible only while in flight or its here and gone nature but it tops my birding list.  What about You?