The Results Are In

December 15th, 2014

Good afternoon my friends.  It has been an unusually warm and rather wet last couple of days.  As of an hour ago the dense fog that has surrounded us has lifted and I see there is still a world beyond our boarders.

Well its December and its time for me to start thinking about the coming season.  Honestly I haven’t stopped thinking about it but its time to share my thoughts.  First I would like to thank all who responded to our end of the year survey, this year we received 40 responses, up from 24 the year before.  What fun it was to read what you all had to say.  I would like to share with you the results.

Overall 60% of you rated our CSA program as excellent, 35% where satisfied and 5% said we need to make improvements.  This results echoes what I heard all season long from those of you that communicated with me.  At the end of our 2013 season about 17% of the folks response that we need to make improvements.  I feel one of the biggest improvements we made was this newsletter, communication goes a long ways, so again thanks for the reminder.

Recipes, newsletters, eggs and fruit are the things most folks really liked.  Less cabbage, less exotic potatoes and overripe smushed  tomatoes where definitely an issue this year.  Greens, fruit of all kinds, carrots, fingerling potatoes,  culinary herbs and summer squash came up time and time again as people favorite foods.

Doing a survey at the end of the season has been so helpful for me.  Not to mention any feedback we get during the season.  CSA’s are a challenge to run and are a commitment on your end.  One of the biggest challenges I see for our CSA is in pleasing everyone, the fact is we just can’t do it.  One person says we send to many greens, another can’t get enough.  Someone hates beets (my father) another person want them every week.  These are the main challenges we all face when choose to eat locally.  How blessed are we!  I accept your challenge and in the article below I will show you how we are stepping up our game.  Now let me put a challenge out to you.  I challenge you to continue to change the way you think about food.  Think about how lucky you are to live in this time of plenty.  Find ways to celebrate what is in season.  Commit to your farm and push us to improve.  Together we will redefine what it means to eat locally.


Greenhouse Construction

December 15th, 2014

What happens when you put together winter down time with farmer and rented bulldozer?  Well you get some major earth moving projects, that’s what!  Construction has finally begun on 4 30’x60’ hoop houses that will be ready for production in late winter early spring of 2015.  For those of you that sign up for our 2015 season I guarantee you will see the results.  I won’t go into detail regarding what might be in these new house but you can be rest assured you will see in increased diversity in the type of product that will show up during the start of our season.  Items you many not normally see until later in the season.  Stay tuned!