My Sister

March 11th, 2013


First born of Rich and Mary’s children Jessica Ellen Haucke came into this world the day after Christmas in the year 1976.  A gift of joy for the new parents, little Jessica came out ready to take on the world and let it know who was in charge.  From day one she had a will to move mountains and a foundation of character as stable as the earth from which she came.

At a very early age Jessica became a working part of the farm.  As a four year old you would find her in the barn with mom or dad helping to milk the cows.  All the lady bovine at Keewaydin Farms had names; there was Nora, Janet, Jay and Julie, all sixty plus girls and their babies.  Jessica knew every one of them as well as their mothers and daughters for generations back.

With two little brothers added to the family in 1978 and 1980 Jessica became crew leader and farm director.  She would keep us on task when it came to doing our chores and was always looking out for us whether we liked it or not.  Now some of you have kids of your own, as I do, and maybe you’ve noticed a very distinct difference between boys and girls.  Aside from the obvious physical aspects there are other attributes that vary.  I think boys and perhaps even men go through life in a bit of a daze.  When we are little we bounce from event to event bonking our heads and bruising our elbows learning things the hard way, leaning too far out over the ledge or jumping into water that really isn’t deep enough or if we can’t swim is too deep.  Girls on the other hand are thinkers right from the beginning.  They take the time to analyze the situation, develop a plan and are a bit more conscious of potential bodily harm.  Jessica was constantly having to rain in her two brothers and I think thanks to her watchful eye we came out of childhood with all of our body online casino parts and very few if any broken bones.

As we all aged I for one found myself drawn to hang out with her and I’m sure drove her nuts because I was always around.  Her friends became my friends, I went to all of her basketball games and when she graduated in 1995 I was left with one more year of school and no sister to annoy.  To this day I know I can confide in her anything.  I can present to her any sort of issue I may be having in life and she will deliver to me sound, simple advise.  Like a coach talking to her team she will give you her time, deliver her opinion, then send you back into the field of play ready to face your task at hand.   My sister has always been a person I have looked up to and who I’ve know my whole life has had my back and with someone like that in your corner you can’t help but successful.

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