Good Frosty Morning to You!

September 15th, 2011

Well it”s happened.  After wiping the sleep from my eyes and walking downstairs I gazed out my kitchen window and saw patches of frosted green grass.  So I donned a pair of insulated rubber boots and walked out into the world to get a  feel for how much frost we actually got.  Outside I was greeted by the crisp air and lingering smell of the first wood fire of the season.  Although the air was cold the sun on my face felt warm and I know this frost will be but a memory in the leave of our plants in a mere hour.  Damage to our precious vegetables will be lite and the picking will go on but nbso online casino reviews its a gentle reminder that the season is rapidly coming to a close.  It seems like just yesterday we were packing our first boxes of the season and now here we are looking towards the fall and eventually winter.  My daughter Karma walked out the door to wait for the bus that will wisk her and her sister off to school and said “It smells like Christmas out here”.  “Well not quite yet honey” I thought but the changes in season are more noticeable everyday.