Winter on the Farm

January 18th, 2011

There is no silence so complete as a still winters night in the country!  The cloudless night is so full of stars that they spill out of the sky and pierce the dark with a cold winking light.  The Milky Way is more visible than in any textbook photo.  Jupiter shines brightly and three of its moons can be seen with a simple telescope.   There is absolutely no sound, not a creature stirs.  And in fact when made sound seems to be absorbed by the starshine, snuffed out by the snow.

Not many people go outside to relish the dark of winter.  But there is a special magic there known to only a few.  When the moon is whole it is as bright as day.  The snow reflects the seductive twinkling of the stars and their infinite sparkle, icicles hang low and shine bright .  It is impossible not to be dazzled!  In that sparkling cold empty space, devoid of sound,  I feel so alive!  In the stillness I feel so free.  As if I am the only one who can move freely through the frigid spell of the Snow Queen.

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