Serrano Peppers

February 5th, 2010

How to Dry

Thread stems with heavy string placing hot peppers close together and making the strand as long as you wish. Hang in dry area with the air circulating freely around the strand. Takes several weeks. When using fresh or dried hot peppers, wear gloves to protect your hands because the oils in the peppers can cause severe burns. Don”t touch your face or eyes. If peppers do come in contact with your bare hands, wash thoroughly with soapy water. If burning persists, soak online casino hands in a bowl of milk.

Remedies for eating a pepper that is too hot for you:

Drink milk, rinsing the mouth with it while swallowing, ice cream or yogurt. Eat rice or bread which will absorb the capsaicin. Drink tomato juice or eat a fresh lime or lemon

* Do not drink water – it will distribute the oil to more parts of the mouth.