The Ugly Apple

November 5th, 2009

Another year has come around and things are quieting down out here in the boon docks. No local food season is complete without some wild apples. Don’t get me wrong they are as ugly as they come and I know what those who don’t read the newsletter will be saying “what the heck are these things?” But lets look beyond the skin, for me apple season is the best because we get to roam from tree to tree tasting the many different varieties. The two we settled on this season have a strong juicy flavor, just peal off the skin and enjoy.

The truth is it is difficult to grow a blemish free apple in Wisconsin. It can and is being done but mostly non organically. Because of our relatively humid weather and high pest load apples require a mix of chemicals to control issues. With wild apples they are left to their own device and many thrive with bumper crops of apples ready for the picking.

Usually we will take our wild apples and crush them into a cider which we drink through the winter, or bake them in a pie. Whatever you do just give them a try